If you own a classic Ford, you’re used to dependability. You go out, you start the vehicle, and it runs. That’s the way it should be. After all, when it’s an older Ford, it has longevity built right into it.

Sometimes, though, things will take a toll on the best ride you’ve ever owned. Could be the weather - or a little ding or two that happens when someone isn’t paying attention and they run into you. Whatever the reason, if you’ve got something on your list that you need for your old Ford, you can find it at a C&G Ford Parts. You’ll find thousands upon thousands of parts that can get your Ford in the best shape, even if you own one from the late 1970's.

That’s sure to give you peace of mind right there. Say you’ve got a 1979 Ford F150 pickup. The jet-black custom paint on it just glints in the sunlight. Your truck is the envy of the neighborhood and everywhere else that you take it. You worked hard for that truck and you deserve to show it off. Taking a friend out for a round or two of golf, you park the truck in the lot carefully away from other cars. But you know how it goes. There always has to be someone who parks right up on you. Only this time, they broke your driver’s side mirror up pretty good and took off without having the decency of letting anyone know. When you do a thorough examination, you see that the door is fine, but the mirror can’t be repaired - the damage is too bad. It’s got to be replaced. Besides making you mad, you’re now faced with the task of figuring out where you’re going to go to get one like it.

No worries, because you can get the part you need right at a classic Ford parts store, C&G Ford Parts to be exact. Places that have the stock you’re looking for can easily cover getting you that mirror in no time. Best of all, getting that replacement mirror in an exact match for your truck isn’t going to cost you every penny you’ve got in the bank. At C&G Ford parts, not only will you find what you need when you need it, but you’ll find it for a reasonable price as well. You can’t always prevent bad drivers from doing foolish things and ending up damaging your Ford. But you can rest assured knowing that a C&G Ford parts has got you covered. So take that truck out for a spin any time. They’ll be waiting on you when you need them.