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Seeing a classic Ford gleaming in the sun at our car show is candy for the eyes, but even these beautiful vehicles need parts to keep them running smoothly. When something does go wrong you can find the classic Ford parts you need at a store like ours – the place that understands the intricacies of acquiring and replacing classic Ford parts and we also understand the mindset of the classic Ford owner. You need to know that we service 1932 through 1972 Ford cars, 1932 through 1979 Ford trucks and 1932-1970 Mercury. In addition, we ship same day and worldwide too!

Unfortunately you’ve probably already personally experienced and know all too well what happens when you walk into a chain auto parts store looking for a part for a 1940 Ford that rolled off the assembly line over 70 years ago. You’ll get a blank look for your asking and then a google search followed by a “no” if you’re lucky, a shoulder shrug if you’re not.

But, don’t take our word for it, as a proof of concept plug all the information about what you need for your vehicle into their online search area of that chain auto parts store. You’ll see no results and you’re back to square one. You can save yourself a lot of time and frustration by going straight to people like Dorothy, Kyle, Andrew, and Joe  – folks who know how important the right parts are to you. The kind of people that own Vintage Ford vehicles themselves and can get those parts into your hands.

That’s why we carry stock from over 200 parts vendors and keep thousands of classic Ford parts on the shelf, so that your vehicles get the right parts needed and will keep running long after the grandkids have the car. 
  • Call, click or come in!
  • If they’re reproduced classic Ford parts, we stock them or know where to get them.
  • Folks who understand what you need work here.
  • We get your parts to you anywhere in the world.


The reason that classic Fords haven’t wavered in popularity is because though they’re classics, their style and beauty doesn’t diminish over time. These are vehicles that become part of a treasure trove of the memories that impact us as families. Every now and then, though, you’ll have to replace parts on your old Ford in order to restore it to its original state. Irritating as it is, it’s not a tough problem when you know that you can easily get your hands on Classic Ford Part_Inside Rear View Mirror for a 1940 Sedan classic Ford parts that are made in reproduction to replace things that break. So, maybe one of the grandkids got a little excited at the thought of an outing in Grandpa’s “old car”, horsed around a bit too much getting into the car and in the middle of the skylarking, accidentally broke the rearview mirror off.

You know you have to have that mirror so you hop on the internet, or on the phone, with a mission to find one. Unfortunately, you’ll be wasting your time by scrolling through a big box parts auto parts house online catalog, or worse, waiting in line on the phone for an associate to help you. You’re lucky if they have what you need for a current model vehicle much less a treasured classic. Plus, nine times out of ten, they just don’t get how important your “old car” is to you. In this day and age of throw away cars, when a classic Ford part breaks, you want to replace it with something as close to original as possible.

Let’s say you buy the generic mirror that’s not the right one for your vehicle. What usually happens is, there will be issues. Something wrong with the style or you have to glue it to the windshield. Ever glue a mirror to a windshield? You’ll notice that it scratches the windshield easily or the material surrounding the lens can break off with just a snap of your fingers.

Not to mention what happens with a one size fits all replacement part that’s not original for the vehicle. That’s sloppy and doesn’t belong anywhere near a Classic Ford much less inside of it.

Classic Ford parts can only be found at certain specialty auto parts distributors. These are the folks that want to keep the legacy of old Ford vehicles running like they ought to be running. These people, like the ones at C&G Ford Parts “get it”. They get everything about Ford vehicles, the way only an insider can understand. Many of these classic Ford parts stores came into being, simply because, they were started by owners who knew the importance of passing down the love of Ford vehicles from generation to generation.

When you replace your mirror arm, you can go ahead and get the universal part with all the headaches from the big box auto stores, or you can get the proper part with the customer service, parts knowledge, tips and tricks you need from true “insiders” who appreciate your “old car”.

Installing it is simple. If you should get stuck, you’ll always have our tech support number. So, once you’ve got your part installed let the grandkids into the back seat, but, use some of that universal windshield glue on ‘em, and THEN, take them for that ride.

Classic Ford Parts_Starter Drive
Reproduction of the original type for 10 tooth gear
Classic Ford parts_Window Channel Kit
includes division bar

Classic Ford Parts_Front Hub Inner Bearing
28-48 Car,39-48 Merc,28-47 PU
Classic Ford Parts_Front Hub Inner Race
28-48 Car,39-48 Merc,28-47 PU