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1949-1950 Ford wiper motor kit, Part # 8A-17508-12V

1949-50 Ford Wiper motor kit 8A-17508

This Ford wiper motor kit includes everything you need to install a hassle free set of working windshield wipers on a classic ford vehicle, while not original classic ford parts, this reproduction does a fine job!

  • 12 Volt 2 speed wiper motor.
  • Modern style wiper switch.
  • Complete wiring.
  • Necessary brackets and hardware to bolt new motor in for an exact replacement of the original vacuum motor.
  • Instructions included.

I personally have installed this wiper motor kit on my own 1949 Ford 2dr Sedan. This was an easy upgrade that required a short amount of my time to complete. You don’t need to have fabrication skills for this project or loads of experience with retro fit kits to have great working, electric 2 speed wipers in your car! You will however need to be on your back looking up. Removing the seat would definitely make the job easier.

Keeping the old school look really matters to me, I opted for the wiper shaft extension as well during my install. C&G also sells the extension. (sold separately) A wiper switch shaft extension in my opinion is definitly the way to go so that you can use the original wiper switch. This 1949-1950 Ford Wiper Motor Kit saves you from having to fabricate something to “hide” the replacement wiper switch that is provided with the motor. Like I said, I’m not a journeyman fabricator, so the easier something is, the better for me. I like wrenching, but I also like it to look good as well! If you’re looking to keep the wiper motor kit looking stock on the dash of the vehicle, this part is a great no-fabrication, easy way to achieve that result!

Wiper Shaft Extension Part # 8A-17470-EXT