1979 Ford F150

1979 Ford F150

The 1979 Ford F150 stands as a significant chapter in the storied history of Ford trucks. Known for its durability, classic design, and utility, the '79 F150 is a beloved model among enthusiasts of classic Ford automobiles.


Engine Options: The 1979 F150 came with various engine options, including: 4.9L 300 Inline-6: A reliable workhorse known for its longevity. 5.0L 302 V8: Offered a balance of power and efficiency. 5.8L 351M V8 and 6.6L 400 V8: These larger engines were preferred for heavier towing and payload capacities.

Transmission: Standard: 3-speed manual. Optional: 4-speed manual and 3-speed automatic.

Dimensions: Wheelbase: Ranged from 117 inches (regular cab, short bed) to 155 inches (SuperCab, long bed). Length: Varied based on the model, from 188.5 inches to 235 inches. Width: Approximately 79 inches.

Towing and Payload: Depended on the engine and configuration, with the larger engines supporting greater capacities.

Part Numbers: Locating specific part numbers for a vehicle as old as the 1979 F150 can be challenging. However, some common parts include: Brake Pads: D84-2 Oil Filter: FL-1A Spark Plugs: AGSF32. For more specific parts and their numbers, enthusiasts often refer to vintage Ford parts catalogs or online forums. A great place to get real people to talk parts with, is C&G Ford Parts in Escondido, California.

Production Numbers: Ford does not publicly release detailed production numbers by year and model. However, it's known that the F-Series was America's best-selling truck in 1979, contributing significantly to the series' overall sales. The F150's popularity in this era helped solidify its legacy in the Ford lineup.

Accessories and Customization: The 1979 F150 was often customized and accessorized, reflecting the owner's needs and style. Popular accessories included: Chrome Bumpers: For enhanced aesthetics. Toolboxes: Fitted in the bed for utility. Lift Kits: Many owners lifted their trucks for off-road capability or for a more imposing road presence. Custom Paint Jobs: Reflecting the era's penchant for personalization.

Conclusion: The 1979 Ford F150 remains a beloved classic. Its robust construction, range of engine options, and classic styling have ensured its lasting appeal. While specific part numbers and production figures can be elusive, the truck's impact on the automotive landscape is undeniable. Whether restored to its original glory or customized for modern roads, the '79 F150 continues to be a symbol of Americana and the enduring legacy of Ford trucks.