C&G Ford Parts warehouse

Classic Ford Parts for Classy Old Fords

Seeing a vintage Ford gleaming in the sun at a local car show is a treat for the eyes, but even these beautiful vehicles need parts to keep them running smoothly. When something does go wrong with the vehicle, you need to find a store like ours – some place that understands the intricacies of troubleshooting and replacing old Ford parts and understands the mindset of the early Ford owner. You need to know that our selection covers 1932 through 1972 Old Ford cars and 1932 through 1979 old Ford trucks. We ship worldwide Monday through Friday.

Unfortunately, you probably already personally experienced, and know all too well, what happens when you walk into a chain auto parts store looking for a part for a 1932 anything that Ford rolled off the assembly line. You’ll get a blank look for your asking. You might get lucky and the counter person will do a google search followed by a “no” if you’re lucky, or a shoulder shrug if you’re not.

That’s because these shops carry more parts for current vehicles less than 10 years old and practically nothing for the Old Fords. So as a proof of concept; plug all the information about what you need for your vehicle into the online search area of a chain auto parts store, you’ll see no results and you’re back to square one.

You can save yourself a lot of time and frustration by going straight to people like Kyle, Lee, Kristian or Joe – folks who know how important classic Ford parts are and exactly how to get those quality reproduction parts into your hands. People who own vintage Ford vehicles themselves. That’s one of the reasons we have over 200 vendors and tens of thousands of parts on the shelf, so that these vehicles get the right parts they need and will keep running long after other makes are sitting on the sidelines.

When it comes to working on these old Ford vehicles, we have what you need, the folks who understand what you need and the "how it works", as well as the ability to get it to you fast anywhere in the world. Whether it’s a 1956 F100 truck and you need a windshield seal, or, a 1940 Ford car and it’s a tie rod, you’ll have to look no further than C&G Ford Parts. On the web or on the phone or even if you drop by and chew the fat at the parts counter, we know what classic Ford parts you need.

So, forget the aftermarket big car parts chains and come experience good old fashioned customer service and quality know-how.