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  Steering Tube Bearing Kits


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Since you buy all your obsolete Ford parts from us, we thought we would share a product that you might find useful! Steering tube bearing kits.

Let’s say you’re cruising around town in your Obsolete Ford (ok fine, CLASSIC Ford, feel better?) anyway… you’re reveling in the number of folks you see looking at your ride (yes your car, not you, not anymore). You roll to a stop easily and decide to turn the corner and drive down Main Street to see if any of your buddies have made it to the Burger Barn. Suddenly, you feel “clunk” and you KNOW the old Ford didn’t come that way from the factory, so you begin to wonder “Uhh-Ohh, what could the old girl need now?” Finishing the cruise you head home and call it a night.

Next day you’re up and at ‘em, headed out to the garage. You whizz past your wife and wonder for a moment why she has a big grin on her face, “Oh well, she musta been on the phone” you figure. With a big grin on your face and a wave to the wife, you whistle out loud as you head out the door thinking, “I’ll be at this most of the day”

Obsolete Ford Part B-3517

After organizing your tool box and getting everything ready for troubleshooting you begin to diagnose what could be ailing your “baby”. After troubleshooting for a while, you begin to realize that the bushing in the upper steering tube has turned to stone. It’s a rock and certainly qualifies as an obsolete Ford part. The steering shaft is wobbling around in the tube causing the clunk you felt last night. “Well, that’s a relief” you gush, “I don’t need to tear apart the front end!” “I wonder if Ford has a warranty recall on those” you chuckle to yourself as you pull your dog eared copy of your trusty C&G Ford Parts catalog off the shelf.

You see that there is a replacement rubber upper bushing that often gets worn out over the years.“Just what I need” you think. “Hold the phone, what’s this?” you spot a new- fangled “kit” that only C&G has!  obsolete ford part B-3517-K

This Upper Steering tube bearing kit includes bearing, spring, and bushing sleeve that replaces the original rubber bushing for a longer lasting, easier turning, tight fit. The kit includes a diagram to show you exactly where to install the parts, and in it what order. “Excellent” you whistle. So you pick up the phone, call C&G and after speaking to some friendly and knowledgeable parts folk, you have your kit on the way. A couple days later, your obsolete Ford parts show up and you’re ready to install the new B-3517-K kit you ordered.
(really, this again?) moving on…

1. Remove original bushing from the worm shaft.
2. Install in this order: bearing, sleeve, spring.
3. Make sure the tapered ends are facing down on both bearing and sleeve, drive the bearing down the worm shaft about 3/4″ with a large socket, then let sleeve follow.
4. Put spring over worm shaft, in-between the sleeve and the steering wheel.
5. Put steering wheel back on and tighten down the steering nut.

No more clunk in the upper part of the column!

Steering Tube bearing Kit