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My Ford Restoration Parts saga and how I (we) grew into a service oriented, Ford restoration parts business. 

Hi, my name is Dorothy Bangiola, please give me a minute to explain.

Back in the day, my parents founded C&G Ford Parts in Parsippany, New Jersey in 1978. Just prior to that my Dad worked on antique Ford cars as a hobby in his work shop. He owned a full service gas station and he was a full time mechanic working on “modern” cars of the day. So as you can see, restoration Ford parts or whatever you want to call the Ford Parts you buy from us, did not really exist back then.

Moving on, the land the gas station sat on was a unique split level design and had plenty of room under the full service gas station. Mom said that Dad needed a hobby and since he had plenty of room and loved to work on the “old stuff”, he built a shop underneath the gas station that was his private “domain”. (You should see his “domain” today at his home in Arizona.) Mom did all of the restoration upholstery for him, as well as, looked up, located, negotiated and acquired the parts for Dad’s projects.

As word got around the community about what Mom and Dad were doing, this new hobby he had invented for himself became a “new business” and began to grow. Mom and Dad got so busy in this new venture that they ultimately decided they wanted to be Ford restoration parts and mechanical repair business. Shortly thereafter, Mom and Dad met the owner of a start-up company set up at the Hershey Pa. car show.

Dennis Carpenter was the man and Mom and Dad became one of his first distributors using and eventually selling, all his  Ford reproduction parts . The rest as they say, is history. I have been involved with the repair and parts business all my life, since my parents loved working with old cars and going to car shows. I have been driving and working with old Fords since I could reach the pedals. I grew up meeting and socializing with all the manufacturers and vendors of the restoration parts we utilize to this day, they all know me by name and today C&G Ford Parts carries over 25,000 of the best parts we can find. We still work with over 250 vendors, manufacturers and restorers!

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The natural progression since Dad had two daughters and no sons was this: I grow up in the business helping and lending a hand, all the while, learning about and loving those Fabulous Fords. Eventually, Mom and Dad wanted to retire, so after about 4 seconds of deliberation, I decided to purchase the company. Back on February 1, 1992 I became the second generation to own, operate and continue the tradition of the family business.

Obviously, we are still a proud second generation, family run Ford restoration parts business. We continue working today with classic Ford parts, family values and “old school” customer service as our top priorities. My philosophy: “Our honesty, integrity and technical expertise gives the customer a unique opportunity to enjoy the nostalgia of their vehicle.”  

I wish you all the best in your restoration project and your life!

Regards, Dorothy Bangiola