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Early Ford transmissions are HEAVY and cumbersome, BE CAREFUL and follow sensible safety rules working with this procedure!

Ok, Removal of an early Ford Transmission procedure.

Early Ford Transmission in 40 delivery frame Early Ford Transmission, clutch and brake pedals
  1. Put vehicle on flat service.
  2. Block front wheels.
  3. Remove hub caps on rear wheels.
  4. Loosen (do not remove) lug nuts.
  5. Jack up car, put jack stands under frame of car in front of rear wheels.
  6. Make sure car is stable, then remove floor jack.
  7. Disconnect the rear brake hose (hydraulic) and emergency brake cable at front of torque tube.
  8. Remove speedometer cable from the torque tube.
  9. Keep small bags and marker for all hardware, make notes if needed.
  10. Remove floor mat and wood floor boards (32-40) and transmission cover.
  11. Put floor jack under center of rear axle, raise enough to take tension of rear wheels.
  12. Remove shock links or shocks from rear axle, 42-48 remove track bar.
  13. Remove spring u-bolt nuts and lower rear axle so wheels are on the ground.
  14. Remove nuts and bolts around the u-joint cover (clam shell looking pieces at back of trans)
  15. Rear axle should now roll back 6-8 inches to clear u-joint (u-joint is bolted to trans)
  16. Remove clutch linkage and shifter (floor shift) or shift linkage on column shift.
  17. Remove transmission to frame bolts and transmission to engine bolts.
  18. Remove anti-chatter rods if so equipped.
  19. Put bottle or floor jack with block of wood under back of oil pan to support engine.
  20. Remove small inspection cover plate at top of transmission.
  21. Drain transmission fluid.
  22. Be sure to cover the front seat and put some rags on the floor pan and running boards.
  23. The transmission will slide back away from the engine, might have to jack up the engine. The front on the transmission will go towards the ground, you can use the inspection hole to grab the front of the transmission and grad the back of the transmission by the u-joint and remove from the car. This will not always be easy, the trans can get stuck under the floor pan by the transmission mount. The transmission will be heavy and you might have to sit it on the floor pan once it is loose. Then you can get a better grip to remove it out of the car to put it on the work bench.